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Helping veterans with their specific needs – what can you do to help?​

With veterans’ needs highlighted at this week’s Royal Commission, I want to provide you with some resources that have helped me support veterans on their ageing journey.

If you, or a resident, is struggling with veteran-related issues there are organisations out there that can help.

The Anzac Centre’s clients are primarily veterans, but they can help family, friends and those supporting veterans, so don’t be afraid to contact them if you find yourself struggling with veteran issues.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a great place to get practical advice on what veterans are entitled to.

In most states, the RSL office also has veteran advocates.

Peer support programs, like those run by Open Arms Veterans and Family Counselling, have been very useful, they can arrange for an advocate to visit your village and meet with residents and managers.

Veteran advocates have also been useful in providing information for village newsletters and on occasion as guest speakers.