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‘A Life Changing Life’ Campaign on your TV soon to attract new staff

The Australian Government has launched a new campaign to raise awareness around the employment opportunities in the care sector, especially home care.

The ‘A Life Changing Life’ campaign, tells the stories of real care and support workers, and the people they support.

It’s great!

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‘Mediate, before it escalates!’: specialised Seniors mediation service launches

Ever wondered if you could call in a mediation service to break the ice? Now you can.

As we recently reported in The SOURCE, three industry experts, with combined 50 years industry experience, have unveiled a new mediation service for Retirement Villages, Manufactured Home Parks and Aged Care Facilities. 

Senior Living Mediation (SLM) aims to provide practical, cost effective and efficient dispute resolution solutions for operators, park owners, residents and homeowners throughout the country. 

“At SLM we share a genuine belief in the benefit of community living and a desire to help create and maintain harmonious communities,” said Aileen Stewart, SLM’s codirector and founder. “Mediate, before it escalates! is the catch cry of SLM and it could not be more true”. 

“SLM has facilitated the resolution of several long-running disputes in Queensland and New South Wales, reaching a successful resolution in an under a day,” said Ms Stewart. 

SLM’s practical mediation solutions are in keeping with values and principles of the Retirement Living Code of Conduct and are conducive with the ‘facilitative mediation’ model. 

Pictured: Senior Living Mediation’s lawyer Danielle Lim, Complaints Specialist in Land Lease Communities Gillian Moore and former TriCare Operations Manager Aileen Stewart

Things to watch

“Village leadership in a post pandemic world”

Matt Church CEO, Thought Leaders

One of the most awarded conference speakers in Australia, Matt has been recognised as one of the Top 10 motivational speakers globally.

Matt is the Founder of Thought Leaders and writer of 13 books, including his latest Rise Up: An evolution in leadership.

Invest in your team. Invest in your future.

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How long will the COVID lockdown last – until end October most say.

This is why we will be in your city in November and December for our one day VILLAGE SUMMIT 2021. It may be the first opportunity to bring you and your village management team together – which would be a great experience.

We expect over 600 delegates and don’t forget all Members of our DCM Institute are invited to attend as our guests. 

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This year’s VILLAGE SUMMIT is our thanks to you after a challenging 2021.

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Burnout in Village Management

This week our DCM Editor Lauren Broomham penned a very important edition of SATURDAY, focusing on Burnout across the Age Services sectors. 

Of particular interest was the article on Burnout in Village Professionals. If you aren’t a subscriber to SATURDAY you can read the full article here

At DCMI stories of burnout, and worries about staff burnout, is something that is shared with members of our team on a regular basis. 

It is something I have spent considerable time pondering the solution. I know it would be naïve to think there is a one size fits all solution. The solutions are many, and will vary from village to village, operator to operator.

Below I have shared just a few for consideration:   

  • Opportunity for frequent uninterrupted breaks from village responsibilities  
  • Additional resource support for establishment of new process, regulation, accreditation compliance etc 
  • Providing clear policy and procedure guidelines 
  • Solutions for ageing residents and resident behaviour management 
  • Extra customer relations/administration support in larger villages 
  • Technology solutions for communications and operations
  • Regular senior executive visits to villages  
  • Reasonable pay for effort 
  • Clear authorisation/delegation guidelines, and
  • Of course, my passion – ensuring Village professionals participate regularly in professional development and industry networking opportunities  

However, I do believe there is something as a sector we can unite on: “ACKNOWLEDGING THE VALUE & IMPORTANCE of VILLAGE PROFESSIONALS” not only to the village, the team, the residents, our sector and importantly society!    

“You can always tell a good Village Manager by the way the village smiles at you as you enter”. 

After all they are responsible for the first impressions at the village gate!