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Your Regulator is there to help!

Regulators of Retirement Villages around the country have been adding to their resource base to assist residents and operators.

These websites are a great place to visit if you are looking for directions, guidelines or resources in relation to a particular matter.

Some jurisdictions also have helpful fact sheets, checklists or calculators to help prospective residents through the sales process.

The NSW regulator page has information on proposed changes to legislation, guidelines and resources for Moving into a Village, Living in a Village and Leaving a Village as well as some supporting information about COVID requirements and guidelines.

The Queensland regulator page walks operators through everything you need to know about running a village from registering to documents and contracts for residents.

The ACT regulator page has comprehensive information about the day to day operations of a retirement village and a great list of contacts for village professionals.

The WA regulator page also has useful information for retirement village operators, as well as publications for prospective clients and residents.

The Victoria regulator page has information for prospective residents about Choosing a Village, Living in a Village, Leaving a Village and the Fees and Charges applicable.

The SA regulator page has information for prospective residents and some great fact sheets, legislative information and documents that can help operators improve their processes.

The Tasmanian regulator page gives some clarity around what classes as a retirement village, operator contract requirements, leaving a village and disputes. 

When you’re looking for an answer to a question you are unsure of, these resources are a great place to start. You can check the legislation, resident contracts, organisational policy, or even call through to the regulator for a definitive answer or advice.

Be sure to save the URL for your regulator and legislation in your favourites bar. If you ever need a quick link you can find this information on the DCMI Industry Links page.