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Effective customer engagement: creating a sense of community unites us

By Rebecca Hogan3C Management

It is critical that the retirement living ecosystem is viable and sustainable.

Achieving effective customer engagement will drive growth and brand awareness.

Increasingly the people accessing retirement living are looking to be part of a social community, so people feel as though they are part of something greater.

If operators create a sense of community, it gives people the opportunity to connect with people, establish new friendships which makes people feel safe and secure.

Customer experience should be your No.1 priority:

  • Obsess over your customers by delivering value.
  • Having digital communication lines open by creating a ‘listening centre’. Let the customer know that it is okay to communicate what they are feeling.
  • Operators should be encouraging customers at all touch points to reach out to their Operator. This not only improves your service, but also empowers the customer to mediate their own concerns and self-manage their independence.
  • Implement a communication strategy that creates a sense of community and belonging.
  • Change your mindset about social media. Use social media as an engagement tool, not just an online platform to promote products and services.
  • Get creative and do not hesitate to try something different, because without customers there would be no service to operate.
  • Scale your customer engagement budget. Business is not as it used to be.

If you need a hand in developing your customer engagement strategy be sure to reach out to DCMI Industry Partner Rebecca Hogan, 3C Management.