January is peak sales enquiry time

Did you know that this week is the biggest new village sales enquiry of the year?

January 10-17 always generates the most visits to our website villages.com.au with a seasonally high number of people clicking on phone numbers and website links, connecting with you, asking for information.

See the graph above.

This translates into sales over the next three to 12 months.

Why is this so? Obviously, Christmas time is time for reflection and discussion by potential residents and their family. There is likely two discussions. Either an event has occurred and it is time to look at the options, or for people who plan ahead they are doing just that, thinking about the next 10 or 20 years of their lives.

In 2018 the number of people coming to villages.com.au searching for a retirement village grew by 19%, now up to close on 900,000 people. This is massive.

It shows that retirement villages remain a really desirable accommodation or lifestyle option. Village managers can be proud of this.

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