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At the DCM Institute, we believe it is a time for all Australians to be doing what they can to help each other during these very challenging times and therefore the team have been working to provide retirement living specific resources that may assist Retirement Living professionals through the various stages of the COVID-19 outbreak. On this resource page we will continue to add relevant government resources, industry announcements/resources, DCMI built resources and shared resources so please check back in regularly for the updated resources or tools.

If you have a resource you have developed or are using that is not on this page and you would be willing to share with other Retirement Living professionals please email it to us and we will include it on this page.

The DCM Institute team understand many of you at the frontline may see value in being able to reach out to a colleague during this time and as such also want to make themselves available to provide that support. Please reach out at any time as we move through the various stages of the outbreak.

The National Cabinet has decided that Safe Work Australia will be the single source of information to help business place with confidence and consistency.

A toolkit is being developed to help businesses operate in a ‘COVID-safe’ economy, and businesses are being encouraged to follow this guidance as they prepare to re-open while protecting their workers, customers and businesses.

The Safe Work Australia website provides industry-specific guidance to support this process.

Reach out to the team by emailing and we will be in touch to offer our support.
COVID-19 Resources

We source, create and maintain all the essential information you need in relation to Covid-19

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Downloadable Documents

Indoor Sports Industry COVID Safe Plan

Reopening Places of Worship Industry COVID Safe Plan

Retail food Services Industry COVID Safe Plan

Industry COVID-SAFE Plan for Fitness Facilities

QLD - Pool/ Aquatic Centre Industry COVID Safe Plan

FORM Notification Register COVID-19

CHECKLIST for Resident Notification of Self Isolation

Fact Sheet 31 March Information for Older Australians

FORM – Daily interactions Coronavirus (COVID-19)

TEMPLATE Emergency Response (COVID-19)

FORM – Declaration Staff COVID-19

FORM – Declaration Visitors COVID-19

FACT SHEET – Information for Older Australians 20/03/20

FORM – Declaration Contractors-COVID-19

POSTER – Hand Hygiene COVID-19

POSTER – Do Not Enter COVID-19

FLYER – 4 Questions COVID19 A4

POSTER – Stop the Spread COVID-19

LETTER – Sample Resident Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)

LETTER – Samples Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CHECKLIST – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

LETTER – Sample Staff Update Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SA Information Guidance During COVID 19

COVID-19: Impact on Retirement Village Residents Meetings

Considerations for Retirement Living (COVID-19)

FAQs Village specific COVID-19

Directive All Staff COVID-19

Resident Update Further Restrictions (COVID-19)

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