We’re excited – you will be too, with our new, upgraded DCMI Knowledge Centre portal

It is really important for us to project the most professional image for Village Managers. A big part of this is the presentation and ‘smarts’ behind our website – for us and for you.

This week has seen the big achievement for our DCM Institute team with the launch of our latest in learning portals, the DCMI Knowledge Centre. Check it out HERE.

We think you will be impressed. It has been nine months in development since we discovered what we thought was the best when we were in Washington DC last year visiting Leading Age, the peak association over there and we saw their learning systems.

The new portal will offer existing participants in our Village Management Professional Development a truly great experience when you access your personal records – all of which have been transferred over from our old system, plus:

  • The latest learnings technology in our Knowledge Centre
  • The opportunity to personalise your learning journey
  • Retirement Living specific topics with a variety of learning elements – videos, articles, papers, interviews, resources and tools
  • An Online Resource Bank with over 150 operational resources, templates, policies and forms
  • An Online peer discussion board
  • 4 x Professional Development workshop days

Tailor your learning journey

It’s not just the launch of the new Knowledge Centre that is exciting but also the tweaks that we have made to the already successful annual professional development program. 

Over the coming months, the DCM Institute team will be working with a variety of Industry specialist partners to include additional topics of relevance to the Knowledge Centre, affording you the opportunity to tailor your learning journey to meet your individual skill development requirements and your interest areas.

These topics will further expand into areas such as sales, marketing, integrating care, infection control, business continuity, high rise asset management and more…

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