Retirement villages not included in the Royal Commission into aged care

You may be aware that there has been a strong push for retirement villages to be included in the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into aged care.

The risk for retirement villages in being part of the Royal Commission is the public will be further confused – what is the difference between aged care homes and retirement villages?

In the media the push has been led by the Fairfax journalist Adele Ferguson with the backing of the Consumer Advocacy Law Centre in Victoria.

Four of the state resident associations have made submissions requesting the same.

The outcome they primarily want is to establish a retirement village ombudsman, either through the federal government or the individual state governments.

Word on the street is that Canberra is saying ‘no’, it will not include retirement villages. Aged care is a big enough subject on its own.

The only area that villages will be touched is around home care – which is obviously delivered in villages.

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