Dementia – expect a lot more discussion about how well retirement villages can support residents

This is our prediction.

Out of the Royal commission will come a discussion about how well people with early and advancing dementia can be cared for in their home, with home care, and in retirement villages.

As a village manager you will be well aware of the challenges – identifying your residents early, supporting them and then judgements on the most suitable accommodation for them in the longer term.

With retirement villages increasingly being marketed as supportive of residents with increasing frailty, and coordinating home care, there will be discussion in the Royal Commission on skill sets and training of village staff.

A major focus of the Four Corners program was that a Certificate 3 AIN only receives four hours dementia tuition in their training course.

Our prediction is that village staff in the not too distant future will require training as well.

Four Corners is right. The standard course module for dementia is grossly inadequate. You can check it out HERE.

Interestingly, part of the course is to implement strategies for yourself to manage the stress of caring for people with dementia. A valid point.

We believe all village staff should receive dementia training – to be supportive of residents, to support you and to protect operators and the business.

Here is a link to Dementia Training Australia is one example.

It is a three-day course.

This is our prediction. What do you think?

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