COVID-19 Considerations for Retirement Living

There has been a lot of discussion this week around the appropriate action retirement living managers should be taking in relation to their staff and residents. Perhaps the best way to respond to this situation is to collaborate with your village team and residents committee to develop a response unique to your village.In preparing such response below highlights some areas that should be given consideration

Business Continuity Planning

How will the village operate under further restrictions?

Consider the development of a business continuity plan that deals with the likely stages across the next 6 months including responding to government restrictions,the development of an outbreak in the wider community, the development of an outbreak within the village and the impact on key persons that deliver vital services within the village.In the event your village is co-located with an Aged Care Facility where resources and facilities are shared it would be expected that many of the restrictions placed on Aged Care will impact the ability for residents, visitors and staff of the village to access these areas.