What is the DMF for anyway?

Did you know that in WA operators are required to describe exactly what they propose to do with the DMF cash?

What is the DMF for in your organisation?

Often when I dig into this with operators there are some great stories to be told.

The funding of social welfare programs, the development of homeless housing, additional funds to provide services for a nursing home, reinvestment into the village asset, social programs within the village, the list goes on and on….

It is not only great to understand what it is used for but also how this might benefit the residents.

Ie. Investment in the maintenance of the village brand will surely go towards assisting the village to obtain reasonable sale periods, build the funnel of people looking to move in the future, ensure the village brand is recognised as a trusted brand by friends and family within the local area.

If you don’t know the answer to this question I encourage you to have this conversation with your manager.

You will benefit, your sales people can explain to new enquirers and the village team will be able to articulate the many wonderful things that are often done with this profit when they are questioned in a work and social environment.

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