Village professionals finally have a framework upon which to build future careers…

Last week the Retirement Living Council unveiled Stage 1 of its industry framework to support the careers of Village professionals and the sector.

The industry recognises that Village professionals play a vital role in the professional operation of communities and are the ones tasked with the key activities that deliver against resident expectations. 

Called the Retirement Living Capability Framework, it seeks to set the benchmark for the skills and capabilities needed by we professionals within the sector.

Check the image above – it gives you a clear idea of the areas you are the key executive. 

Stage 1 identifies the skills and capabilities required by a Village professionals, further work is being completed on Stage 2 which will design how this framework will operate, with Stage 3 focusing on the implementation expected to commence in mid to late 2020 (you will not be seeing the evidence of this work for a few more months).

This new framework is a welcome addition for the sector as it provides clarity and consistency for the sector and residents on the skills and capabilities they should expect from retirement living professionals. 

At the DCM Institute we were grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to the Stage 1 process and are excited that this new framework provides a basis for Village professionals to commence building your ongoing career paths.

If you would like to read more click here.

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